Barry was born and raised in the small Muskoka town of MacTier. He moved to Kitchener in 1972 and found work at Zehrs Markets. In 1975 he was transferred to the New Hamburg store where he met Pat, who was a part-time cashier. Pat was born and raised in New Hamburg and spent lots of time in Baden with her grandparents, where her Grandma Seyler was the librarian in the 60s. Barry and Pat were married in 1978 and moved to Baden in 1980, where they raised their children, Mike and Katie.

When Barry had been working at Zehrs Markets for 28 years, he began looking for something new and creative to do. He and Pat pondered starting a new business together and, watching their small town grow quickly, they decided that Baden needed a voice. The Baden Outlook came to life in August 2000, in time to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Wilmot Township

Although Barry and Pat had limited computer skills and no training or experience in journalism or graphic design, their focus was to give the old and new residents of Baden a sense of fellowship, hence their mission statement: "Keeping the Community Connected."

Barry continues to work at his day job at Zehrs Markets and as Ward 3 Councillor for Wilmot Township, while Pat manages the Baden Outlook Headquarters from home, working at their labour of love as it requires. Over time, the paper went from a hobby to a job; it's since become dear to their hearts, and to the community's too.